Fontana Station Operations Center

I wanted to homage DC Fontana after her passing, so I came up with the idea of Fontana Station, a starbase orbiting the planetoid Babel, built during the late 23th Century. Here is the Operations Center of said station.

The red motif used on the rails and doors is a not to TOS, and the way she shaped that series. Similarly, the CO's ready room has little easter eggs tied to some episodes she wrote.

The usage of the word 'Station' rather than the more usual 'Starbase' is intentional, as it's the word she used to describe Farpoint when writing the very first TNG episode.

The design of the station itself is from a painting by Rick Sternbach, seen in Picard's quarters during TNG. The book Star Trek Maps says Babel is a planetoid with 3 moons, which matches the painting, so in my head it's supposed to depict this very station. You can see the painting here:

Created entirely using FOSS (Blender and Inkscape)