USS Potemkin Bridge

This is the bridge of the Potemkin, an Excelsior-Class starship that was mentioned several times in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'. It was one of the previous postings of William Riker, before being XO on the Enterprise.

The idea for this bridge was an experiment of mine to see how quickly I could put up a definitely distinct bridge out of pieces I already had created. I did this in some 16 hours of work, using mainly elements from the Belknap, Patagonia and Odyssey bridges; and taking inspiration from the USS Righteous bridge seen in 'Star Trek: Borg'.

I am also taking the chance of doing some original details that could've appeared in a TNG "ship of the week" set, like the captain's chair (which is a mix of the Ent-C and Ent-D styles) and the hand rails.

Created entirely using Free and Open Source Software (Blender and Inkscape) on Ubuntu Linux.