USS Victory Sickbay

This is the main sickbay of the Victory, a Constellation-Class starship that was mentioned in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'. The Victory had a long service in Starfleet, and this is how the room looked like when the ship was brand new, at the tail end of the 23rd Century.

The main ward has 6 numbered biobeds and a central console operated by a nurse, behind which is a glass panel overlooking the examination room. This soundproof glass division can be made opaque from the inside of the room, and allows the command crew to observe medical examinations without being in the way of the medical staff.

On the side, connected to both the main ward and the exam room, is the office for the Chief Medical Officer, as well as a small waiting area. Opposite this on the floorplan, there's a small connecting corridor going from the ward to the exam room, as well as to a medical laboratory.

For this set I wanted to create a Starfleet sickbay that didn't just reuse all the same pieces than most Trek sickbays reuse. Thus for the walls and layout I used elements from the Victory bridge design. For the biobeds I likewise wanted to avoid reusing the same beds over and over, and thus I based the designs on concept art pieces and more obscure designs: The exam room bed is based on a concept piece by Andrew Probert for the TMP examination bed. The main ward beds are based on the Enterprise-B sickbay beds, which were very briefly seen on Generations, though they were later reused for Voyager and became much more visible there. Still, I kept the original 23rd century look for them, and added some original details such as the central stand and the small control panel.

The doctor's office contains artwork from the fan-made Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual, originally released in 1977 and created by Eileen Palestine, Geoffrey Mandel, Doug Drexler and Anthony Fredrickson.

Created entirely using Free and Open Source Software (Blender and Inkscape) on Ubuntu Linux.