Where are you from and what do you do?

- I was born and live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm a 3D modeler and a contributor to The Roddenberry Archive by OTOY.

What are your pronouns?

- He/him.

How do I pronounce your name?

- Tah-DEH-oh DOH-ree-ah, I think. English pronunciation rules are still something of a mystery to me, I just know my name is problematic for a lot of folks. ;)

Are you on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or any other social network?

- The only social network I use is Mastodon, a link for which you can find on the sidebar. If you find anyone saying they're me on any other site, they're not me.

What software do you use?

- I create all 3D models on Blender; while the LCARS and other graphics are done in Inkscape; I do some light editing work on Gimp. My OS of choice is Ubuntu.

Can I use the images in this site for my RPG campaign/fan fiction/etc.?

- So long as you credit me for the images and don't pretend they're yours, you're free to use them however you see fit.

Would you create a custom starship interior for me?

- Most likely not as my time is currently limited, however if you have a specific project in development do reach out, if I'm interested I'd happily lent a hand.

Could I get a copy of your 3D models for my fan film/VR game/personal use/etc.?

- Nope, I'm sorry but I don't just make my meshes available for folks to use. They're not on sale either.

What if I'm working on an officially licensed product/publication/show?

- In that specific case feel free to write me an email, I'm always open to provide help in any way I can to official licensees, as I've done in the past already.

What licensees have you worked with before?

- Besides my work at The Roddenberry Archive, I've worked on starship interior renders for EXO-6 and Modiphius.

Who owns what on the images displayed here?

All the renders are my own, as are the displayed 3D models or textures unless I state otherwise (for example, the use of Chris Kuhn's Excelsior model on my USS Potemkin renders). Some decor props are purchased models from CGTrader, all with the appropriate license for the use I give them. Of course Star Trek itself is a trademark owned by Paramount and this site is in no way endorsed, sponsored or affiliated by them.