Where are you from and what do you do?

- I was born and live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm a 3D modeler and a contributor to The Roddenberry Archive by OTOY.

What are your pronouns?

- He/him.

How do I pronounce your name?

- Tah-d-EH-oh D-OH-ri-ah, I think. English pronunciation rules are still something of a mystery to me, I just know my name is problematic for a lot of folks. ;)

Are you on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or any other social network?

- The only social network I use is Mastodon, a link for which you can find on the sidebar. If you find anyone saying they're me on any other side, it's not me.

What software do you use?

- I create all 3D models on Blender; while the LCARS and other graphics are done in Inkscape; I do some light editing work on Gimp. My OS of choice is Ubuntu.

Can I use the images in this site for my RPG campaign/fan fiction/etc.?

- So long as you credit me for the images and don't pretend they're yours, you're free to use them however you see fit.

Would you create a custom starship interior for me?

- Most likely not as my time is currently limited, however if you have a specific project in development do reach out, if I'm interested I'd happily lent a hand.

Could I get a copy of your 3D models for my fan film/VR game/personal use/etc.?

- Nope, I'm sorry but I don't just make my meshes available for folks to use. They're not on sale either.

What if I'm working on an officially licensed product/publication/show?

- In that specific case feel free to write me an email, I'm always open to provide help in any way I can to official licensees, as I've done in the past already.

What licensees have you worked with before?

-Besides my work at The Roddenberry Archive, I've worked on starship interior renders for EXO-6 and Modiphius.