Saber Class

Starfleet was always tasked with patrolling the ever-increasing borders of Federation space. By the 2360's, the need for a new dedicated starship class to carry out this task gained support in Starfleet Command. The Saber class was thus developed, with the intention of not only patrolling and responding to any border emergency, but also to perform basic scientific tasks that could be needed in their patrol areas.

Given its planned use all over the Federation, its construction was to be straightforward enough that any Fleet Yards could produce it. After the initial batch was commissioned and started patrolling areas of heavy pirate activity, Saber cemented its place on the fleet as a small yet dependable escort. While not as capable as the more compact Defiant class, its more traditional construction and larger size meant it was more popular with both crews and construction yards personnel.

USS Yeager NCC-61947

One of the first Saber-class starships to enter service, Yeager was commissioned under the command of Captain Melissa Binde and assigned to patrol shipping routes in the Typhoon Sector, a known hot spot of Nausicaan raiders. During its first 15 months of deployment, Yeager disabled 6 Nausicaan ships before eventually driving the raiders off the area altogether.

On stardate 50893.5, the Borg began a new incursion into Federation space. Yeager was part of an assembled response fleet, and assigned to the third combat wave alongside starships Anchorage, Hiroshima, Tannu Tuva, Galatea, and Pearson. By the time the fleet managed to engage the Borg, they had already entered Sector 001. Yeager performed admirably during the battle, but received extensive damage to its ablative armor and power systems in the engagement.