Mediterranean Class

Developed in the 2340's, Mediterranean-class vessels were small freighters suited to quickly transport medical, technical, or scientific equipment to outposts or starships across Federation space. Most of their internal space was occupied by cargo bays, and their only defensive weapons were type-VII phaser arrays. They have a modest complement of only 30 crewmembers, most of which were non-commissioned officers or Ensigns on their first deep-space posting. The commanding officer was usually a lieutenant commander, as the uneventful and routine assignments provided a good first test of command in relatively safe conditions.

USS Lalo NCC-43837

After 17 uneventful years transporting cargo through the Federation, by 2366 Lalo was under the command of Lieutenant Commander Dave Lovitz, its fourth commanding officer. On stardate 43994.8, while on a freight run from Zeta Alpha II to Sentinel Minor IV, the ship became the first Federation starship to encounter the Borg incursion of 2366. The crew was able to send a partial distress call before being presumably destroyed, with all hands lost.

  • While Lalo was only mentioned by name in TNG, the class name comes from an internal production memo. The exterior shape of the ship is a fan-made design by Bernd Schneider, which was eventually used in official novels and comics to represent the ship.
  • Dave Lovitz was mentioned as the ship's captain in the fan-made video Wolf 359: The Prelude (Part I), by JTVFX.