Site Updates

16 Jul 2024: Uploaded the first interior of a new starship! The refit Excelsior-class USS Pride is now on the Excelsior page, where you can also see its main bridge. The Pride is the setting of the latest Star Trek Adventures campaign by The Streampunks, so its bridge was designed with their feedback for use in said campaign, which you can watch on AltHaven's YouTube channel!

15 Jun 2024: Uploaded the USS Thunderchild ready room. A relatively straightforward design mainly using elements from the Defiant ready room as inspiration, but expanded for a much larger ship.

13 May 2024: Uploaded the USS Cerberus standard corridor. A heavily modified version of the Yeager standard corridor I made early last year; I'm really happy with how this one turned out, even if it is just a boring corridor.

03 May 2024: Uploaded the USS Victory auxiliary control room. This one is a rather simple reimagining of the TOS auxiliary control room for the TUC era. Hope you like it!

03 Feb 2024: Uploaded the USS Cerberus sickbay. Yes, two sickbays in a row, and there may be a third coming! This one went through several drastically different designs, as I wanted to create a proper Nemesis era sickbay that wasn't a simple Voyager redress or a cheap set built in 5 minutes. In the end it's a bit larger than I originally intended, but I guess that matches the bridge.

06 Jan 2024: Uploaded the USS Lalo sickbay. This is another small and relatively straightforward design, but one that's needed to flesh out the Mediterranean class a bit further, and I'm actually looking forward to doing more of these small rooms in the future.

15 Dec 2023: Updated the Parallels v1 and Parallels v2 Enterprise-D bridges as well, so they have the new materials, descriptions, etc.

10 Dec 2023: Finally updated the season 1 and season 7 Enterprise-D bridges to the new format, with updated renders using new materials and lights.

20 Nov 2023: Uploaded the USS Yeager ready room. A small and not exactly thrilling room but I enjoyed working on it, plus for the first time I had a render commissioned as a painting for the wall, so that was a new experience, being the client doing the requests for once! ;)

13 Nov 2023: Updated Odyssey to the new format, you can now find an entry for the ship on the Galaxy class page under the Enterprise-D, alongside updated renders of its bridge, using new materials and lights.

21 Oct 2023: Uploaded the USS Budapest main engineering. This one has been in the works for a long while, but it's finally finished. Just like the Budapest bridge, it's done in the style of Voyager, but in a more compact layout.

During the past few weeks I've also been reworking the text descriptions on most interiors and ships. I've also reorganized the site side-bar by ship classes, adding brief descriptions to each. I've removed the previous full alphabetical and chronological lists, as the site's analytics indicated they were barely being used.

11 Jun 2023: Finished a project I actually started years ago: the Type-6 shuttle. After which I also did the Type-4 shuttle, aka the one from 'Final Frontier'. I intend to eventually use these for several ship shuttlebays, but that'll be in the future so for now enjoy the shuttle renders, including orthos. Also, I should probably create a whole section for all the shuttles on the website, instead of having them hidden in "Other 3D Works"...

16 Apr 2023: Started the conversion of the Enterprise-D interiors to the new format. For now only the observation lounge and transporter room were updated and re-rendered. The bridges will take more time but I hope to do them soon as well.

14 Mar 2023: Updated Cerberus and Emmett Till to the new format, and the bridges of both of them got some updates. I totally changed the colors on Cerberus, plus changed the layout a bit; and on Emmett Till I made the floor lighter, plus incorporated some small tweaks inspired on the Stargazer and Titan-A bridges from Picard.

04 Mar 2023: Uploaded the USS Victory transporter room. I wanted to imagine what a TUC era transporter would look like if it wasn't just a quick redress of the TNG set, and here's the result! Due to the work for this room I also updated a lot of my materials and textures used for this era, so all existing Victory interiors got an update as well. The bridge is mostly unchanged other than texture updates; but the briefing room got a new carpet and other details; and sickbay got a new entrance door which is larger and more appropriate than the previous version, among other smaller tweaks.

25 Feb 2023: Converted the Enterprise-C, Budapest, Thunderchild, and Ross to the new format, plus all interiors in the new style now feature in-universe descriptions. These are short and somewhat formulaic, but at least they answer the more common questions such as how each console is labeled on bridges.

21 Feb 2023: After nearly 5 years, the site needed a redesign, and I've been wanting to add further functionality to it for a while, such as the new ship specific menus. Having spent nearly a week on it, I'm happy with the new site navigation and am converting all the ship interiors to the new format. For the time being, starships Victory, Lalo, Potemkin, Appalachia, and Yeager are converted, as well as Fontana Station. Some of the interior descriptions aren't up to date yet, but those will come in the future as well. I intend to add new update entries here while I update the old stuff, and every time I post brand new interiors.