Norway Class

In the wake of the Battle of Wolf 359, Starfleet Command’s fleet assessment revealed a distinct lack of rapid crisis response vessels, as they were not deemed a high priority over the relatively peaceful last few decades. Most ships on the role were at least 50 years old and heavily overworked. A new spaceframe design was needed, one that could be adapted so that different ships could specialize to respond to either medical, engineering, logistical, or even tactical crises. They would thus be equipped with different specialized areas depending on their mission profile, ranging from extra sickbays, to increased torpedo magazines, to expanded shuttlebays and transporters.

USS Budapest NCC-64923

Specialized in responding to needs of engineering and logistical assistance, Budapest was under the direct purview of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. Its commanding officer was Captain Sarah MacDougal, a career engineer.

Commissioned just a few years before the Dominion War, Budapest quickly gained a reputation during the war for completing reconstruction efforts faster than expected or even thought possible, moving from one war torn location to the next, helping rebuild after Dominion attacks and boosting morale along the way. At the end of the war, Budapest was among the flotilla of support ships sent to Cardassia to assist with its reconstruction.