Alternate 24th Century Starfleet Rank Insignias

This is an extrapolation of the entire Stafleet rank structure based on the insignias we saw being used in the TNG episodes 'Future Imperfect' and 'Parallels'. We can conjecture that these are in use in alternate quantum realities like the one visited in 'Parallels'.

The logic here was to keep the style and colors as constricted as possible, in order to keep the badges as something that the TNG prop department could've possibly made for an episode.

This chart was done as a commission for member JMP11. He suggested removing the blacked out bars for the cadets and enlisted insignias, to showcase that the four bars, even if blacked out, signify one's status as an officer and commitment with Starfleet (the only exception to this is the crewman badge, but as that one's canon, there wasn't much to be done there).