USS Odyssey - Deck 01: Main Bridge

Odyssey's bridge module was drastically different from that of other first-batch Galaxy-class starships, with a layout closer to that of older ships. Starfleet wanted to compare the efficiency of both designs before deciding which would be used for the second batch of starships of the class.

The bridge itself was far more compact, while still retaining the same number of control stations. The Captain's chair was located in the middle of the room, flanked by seats for the XO and second officer. These two officers didn't have control stations accessible on their chairs, but rather behind them. During red alert or other moments where it was deemed necessary, these officers would stand up and use the far larger consoles that this layout allowed for. Between their stations, directly behind the Captain's chair, was the tactical console.

The front of the bridge featured standard flight control and operations consoles, while the wall behind the tactical console had engineering and environment on starboard, and mission ops and science on port. The very back of the bridge featured a large damage control console beneath the ship's dedication plaque.

(The recreation of this bridge was originally done as a commission. The investigation of the real-life set and the extrapolation for the bridge can be read here: