USS Victory - Deck 07: Briefing Room

Located near the center of the ship, the briefing room was a secure location for the crew to discuss missions or general matters of importance. With a design common in this sort of room since the mid-23rd century, a large table occupies the center of the space, featuring a computer terminal at one end which operates a large screen on the opposite wall.

The other side wall has three framed paintings depicting the Victory ship lineage: the original HMS Victory; the United Earth UES Victory; and the USS Victory which this room belongs to. Flanking the paintings were two flags, one for the United Federation of Planets and the other for Starfleet Command.

(UES Victory render by Thomas Pemberton, USS Victory render by Dave Keeshan. The Starfleet Command flag is an original design by myself, based on the Enterprise-B guest chair emblems from 'Generations', and the TOS Starfleet flag)