USS Cerberus - Deck 07: Main Sickbay

While the Prometheus prototype spaceframe featured an experimental decentralized sickbay layout, deemed necessary due to the ship’s separation capabilities, Cerberus was equipped with a larger, more traditional medical complex. Given the ship’s planned war-time role as an Admiral’s flagship, it was fully equipped with a large variety of medical equipment, redundant medical wards, and extra personnel to attend as efficiently as possible to the expected battle casualties.

The main ward featured four standard biobeds and an integrated surgical bay. A nurse station sat at the center of the room, in front of a large display which could showcase whatever medical information the staff required. The port side of the room had a small laboratory area, with two workstations and various medical devices on hand. On the starboard side there was the office for the chief medical officer, which connected to other areas of the medical complex through a dedicated door.