USS Yeager - Deck 01: Ready Room

A very small office for Captain Binde to use while on duty, the ready room on Yeager was accessible through the port side turbolift on the bridge.

The spartan room featured a small desk in front of a pair of windows which looked towards the back of the ship. Next to the windows there was an enclosed storage space with an accompanying access keypad. There were just two chairs for guests to use, no sofas like in larger ready rooms of the time.

The space below the windows was decorated with some of Captain Binde’s personal belongings, including a memorial sculpture for her childhood cat Muffin, which accompanied her in all assignments. On the other end of the room, there was a pedestal with a model of the Bell X-1, the aircraft on which Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier in 1947, as a tribute to the ship’s namesake. The wall above the desk features a large painting of the USS Yeager itself.

(The USS Yeager render/painting is called 'Luminous Quest', and was created by Angelos Karderinis:
The open book is “Starship Class: The History, Traditions, & Workings of Star Trek's Mighty Starships” by Thomas Marrone, a little easter egg)