USS Potemkin Battle Bridge

This is the battle bridge of the Potemkin, an Excelsior-Class starship that was mentioned several times in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'. It was one of the previous postings of William Riker, before being XO on the Enterprise.

Given the starship class of the Potemkin, I wanted this room to be a mix between the Enterprise-D battle bridge and the auxiliary control room from the original Enterprise. The layout is directly based on said control room, with the two wall consoles flanking the screen, the single door at the back, and the two semi-separated alcoves at the sides.

As on the Enterprise-B MSD, I placed the Potemkin's battle bridge on the same deck as main engineering, located just ahead of it.

Created entirely using Free and Open Source Software (Blender and Inkscape) on Ubuntu Linux.