Star Trek Wallpapers

Tadeo d oria one small step

'One Small Step' - 2016

Tadeo d oria early morning

'Early Morning' - 2016

Tadeo d oria the continuing voyages

'The Continuing Voyages' - 2016

Tadeo d oria material design enterprise wallpaper

Enterprise Material Design - 2015

Tadeo d oria the calm before the storm

'The Calm Before The Storm' - 2015

Tadeo d oria to boldly go

'To Boldly Go...' - 2014

Tadeo d oria 0 68 seconds

'0.68 Seconds' - 2014

Tadeo d oria the klingon way

'The Klingon Way' - 2014

This is a collection of all the different vector based wallpapers I made based on some aspect or another of the 'Star Trek' franchise. Each piece has a unique title and style, given how much time happened between each one.