USS Appalachia Mess Hall

The USS Appalachia NCC-52136 was a Steamrunner-Class starship we saw in the feature film 'Star Trek: First Contact' as a background ship. We never saw much of the Steamrunner-Class after that, other than some unnamed background appearances. This is my conjectural take on how its mess hall looked like during the events of the movie, in 2373.

From an external view, the Steamrunner has a big row of windows on deck 5, which I thought would be the perfect place for the ship's mess hall; where the crew can go to have a meal or drink and socialize with their fellow crewmembers.

I designed the room following said external hull shape, which ended up providing a space slightly larger than the mess hall of the Intrepid-Class USS Voyager, fitting for the size of the ship.

Created entirely using Free and Open Source Software (Blender and Inkscape) on Ubuntu Linux.