Deck 09: Main Sickbay

Featuring a relatively unorthodox circular design, sickbay was separated into 3 areas: the main ward, which occupies more than half the circular space; a small examination room; and the office of the chief medical officer.

The main ward has 6 numbered biobeds and a central console operated by a nurse, behind which is a glass panel overlooking the examination room. This soundproof glass division allows observers to check on medical procedures if necessary without being in the way of the medical staff, though it can be made opaque from the inside of the room if necessary.

On the side, connected to both the main ward and the exam room, is the office and a small waiting area. Opposite this, at the other end of the exam room, there's a small connecting corridor which leads to a medical laboratory.

(The office contains artwork from the fan-made "Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual", originally released in 1977 and created by Eileen Palestine, Geoffrey Mandel, Doug Drexler and Anthony Fredrickson.)