USS Budapest - Deck 07: Main Engineering

The main control room for the ship's warp core and power distribution systems, main engineering was as vital to Budapest's normal operations as its bridge.

At the front of the room there was a master systems display panel, providing large quantities of information about the ship's status at a glance. Going aft were the two entrance doors, followed by the main work stations used by engineers. At the center of the room, between these workstations, there was a huge glass display showcasing the power distribution network of the ship.

At the back of the room was the warp core, with two dedicated control consoles flanking it. On the starboard side of the core area there were secondary control panels, while on the port side there was a Jefferies tube access door. As in some other designs of the time, the M/AM reaction chamber was located on the deck below main engineering, thus the power transfer conduits taking warp plasma to the nacelles were visible through the floor.