USS Gibraltar Bridge

Here's the bridge of the USS Gibraltar NCC-1859, a Constitution-Class starship, as it looked like after an extensive refit in the 2370's.

Originally launched in 2286 as the USS Hood, the ship was decommissioned in 2316. The vessel was refitted as a hospital ship and rechristened the USS Gibraltar in 2341, though it retained its original registry as NCC-1859. After fourteen months, the ship completed its humanitarian assignment and was returned to storage.

In 2375, to bolster Starfleet's ship numbers during the Dominion War, the Gibraltar was once again resurrected and refitted with 24th century technology. An eight-month refurbishment at Starbase 234 succeeded in making the starship serviceable. However, its 2376 launch date came after the war's conclusion.

This bridge was made as a paid commission for Sam Redfeather, the writer of 'Star Trek: Gibraltar'. You can find their stories here:

Created entirely using FOSS (Blender and Inkscape)