USS Yamato Bridge

This is the bridge of the ill-fated Galaxy-Class USS Yamato. It briefly appeared at the beginning of the episode 'Contagion' from The Next Generation's second season, right before the ship's destruction.

The bridge was only seen from a single camera angle in the episode, looking directly at the Captain's chair. An obvious redress of the Enterprise-D bridge, the only differences visible were the green fabrics placed over the Captain's chair backrest and the tactical station, and the fact that said chair sits higher than on the Enterprise-D.

From these few details I've designed the rest of the bridge, replacing other pieces of fabric with the same green material, and creating a new platform for the command chairs to sit on top of. I wanted to leave the bridge as untouched as possible while still giving it a unique enough look, in order to make it a realistic possibility of what the full set might have looked like with a 1988 TV budget.

This model was created as a paid commission.

Created entirely using Free and Open Source Software (Blender and Inkscape) on Ubuntu Linux.