USS Enterprise-D - Deck 01: Main Bridge (2370)

The bridge of the Enterprise-D received multiple incremental updates throughout the ship’s lifespan. The 2370 version featured multiple visual modifications over the launch spec, however the room’s layout and functionality remained unchanged.

The center of the room featured a command area, where the captain’s chair sat flanked by that of the XO and a specialist (on the Enterprise-D, this seat was usually taken by ship’s counselor Deanna Troi). Directly behind the command area was the tactical console on an elegant wooden arch. The front of the bridge contained two forward-facing consoles: flight control and operations. The very back of the bridge featured additional consoles that, due to the heavy level of automation on board, could remain empty during standard flight. These consoles were, clockwise: science I, science II, mission ops, environment, and engineering.

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