USS Astraeus Captain's Quarters

These are the private quarters of the USS Astraeus Captain, which are located on deck 9, at the very bow of the ship. The Astraeus is a first batch Galaxy-Class starship which underwent a heavy refit in the 2390's.

This room includes a small study on one end, next to which is a private reading area. At the center of the room there's a coffee table surrounded by sofas; and the dining table, which has a built-in replicator at its center. Finally, behind the only dividing wall, is the bedroom, which includes a small bed for Odin, the Captain's dog; and the bathroom door.

The biggest inspiration for this room is Picard's quarters from 'The Next Generation', but it has a post-Nemesis aesthetic and color pallet, and some props taken from the possible futures we often saw in the 24th Century based Trek series.

This model was created as a paid commission for a user. You can read more about the Astraeus here: